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Mechelle McNew

I am proof that equal opportunities and transparent equal pay makes SMART a place for all, no matter what your gender or ethnicity; the growth opportunities are unlimited!

I joined a Sheet Metal union shop when I observed the employees from that manufacturing shop coming through my bank teller line every Friday at 3:30pm with weekly checks that put my bi-weekly check to shame. I have since held local union offices of executive board member, shop steward, vice-president and am now holding the elected office of Business Manager/FST for going on 12 years.

My career growth did not stop there: I was appointed by SMART GP as First Chair of the International SMART Women’s committee, a team member of the Market Expansion Task Force where we work hand in hand with management to establish best practices for all of us on diversity, recruitment, retention and being trained and prepared for the work growth in the future. [I also serve] as the office of Treasurer for our new SMART Recruitment and Retention Council that focuses on what our trade needs to do to better recruit and retain and represent women and minorities.

I am Proud to be UNION!!